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Ertugrul Tv Show Review by a Fan, Who didn’t like it!!

I simply wrapped up Season 1 of the Turkish TV arrangement Dirilis: Ertugrul, which is out there on Netflix with English captions. during this post, I’ll sum up what this arrangement is about, who the most characters are, what I preferred, and what I didn’t care for. I’ll end with my general contemplations about the show and its job inside the media scene, particularly for Muslims, at that point I’ll list different shows individuals that like Ertugrul may furthermore like.

If you don’t mind note that while I will have the option to plan to downplay spoilers, there’ll normally be a few spoilers during this post. In case you’re getting the opportunity to understand it, don’t gripe about spoilers later. You were cautioned.

What It’s About

Basically, the show is about the Kayi clan inside the mid-1200s. The Kayis are a roaming clan of Turks who got away from their familial country in Central Asia because of the Mongol attacks. They settled in an area constrained by the Seljuk Sultanate, however, they wound up influencing both the Crusaders and Mongols even in their new home, as they attempted to endure and take care of their kin and creatures.

While this show isn’t about the Ottomans naturally, the Kayi clan is prominent in history since one among their individuals wound up establishing a little express that extended after some time and later turned into the Ottoman Empire. That individual, obviously, is Ertugrul. So huge amounts of the show is truly bolstered a genuine story, however clearly numerous subtleties and storylines are decorated or made up.

The significant subjects of the show incorporate battling for equity, driving forward against hardship, and keeping up one’s customs inside the substance of most recent difficulties. for example, there’s frequently a contention where reason proposes doing a certain something, yet the Oghuz Turks’ conventions tell accomplish something different. the changed characters will examine and discuss it among themselves, with various individuals taking various positions.

In Season 1, the miscreants are the Knights Templar. they’re depicted as a declining foundation attempting to remain significant and persuade the Pope to dispatch a substitution Crusade. (Note: while Jerusalem was in Muslim hands, the Crusaders despite everything controlled region inside the Middle East, most quite Antioch.) this is frequently likely exact thinking about the historical backdrop of the time. Yet at the same time, the Knights Templar are an impressive adversary, one that has undeniably more force and assets available to them than a traveling clan. thusly the difficulties Ertugrul and his clan face are serious.

Another intriguing perspective is that the arrangement contains references to sociopolitical occasions that were going on at that point. for example, the Knights Templar are appeared as inquisitive about making an interpretation of Ancient Greek works into European dialects. This was after Europeans had obliterated all Ancient Greek information, however, Muslims had safeguarded it. I expected that reference was entirely cool. Another viewpoint, that reverberates with times, is the manner by which various Muslim pioneers were eager to offer their spirits to the adversary at a cheap cost. refreshes my memory of Muslim “pioneers” today!

On a specialized note, the primary scenes of this show are 2 hours in length. Be that as it may, on Netflix, they’re separate into brief scenes (excluding the initial topic and credits), with 76 scenes aggregate inside the main season. So it’s around 50 hours of all-out review time.

Review of the most Characters

Clearly, there are different characters other than these. I’ll partition the rundown into Kayis and non-Kayis. Kayis:


the hero, obviously. He’s depicted as hot-headed, hopeful, and sly. He cherishes equity and swinging his blade, but on the other hand, he’s moronically insane with Halime, which harms his depiction for the benefit of me – I’ll make reference to this later.

Suleyman Shah:

Ertugrul’s father and in this manner the pioneer (“Bey”) of the clan. He’s savvy and consistent with his customs. in light of his dynamic, the clan has been guided through numerous troubles.


Ertugrul’s more established sibling. He’s the assuaging type, who attempts to keep away from strife. In some cases, he’s on acceptable standing with Ertugrul and different occasions he’s distraught at him for his impulsive dynamic and fixation on Halime.

The ladies of the clan:

This incorporates Mother Hayme, Selcan, Gokce, Aykiz, Halime (kind of), et al. I’ll be straightforward and concede I sent through a large portion of the scenes that included the women . I’m no chauvinist, I simply would not like to burn through my time with their side clashes.


Suleyman Shah’s more youthful sibling. He subtly harbors envy against Suleyman Shah. Beforehand, his life turned the incorrect far up when he lost his better half and adolescents during a Mongol assault.


Titus and Eftelya:

Two of the unmistakable Knights Templar, who penetrate profound into the Muslim political field. Women’s activists will adore Eftelya. The way she’s prepared to outfox Ertugrul et al. on numerous events is noteworthy.

Numan and Yigit:

Halime’s father and little sibling are individuals. Numan is firmly connected with the current Seljuk Sultan, and he’s viewed as a peril to the seat, on the grounds that different clans might arrange behind him during defiance. That is the reason he and his family are consistently on the run, to abstain from being imprisoned for all occasions.

Ibn Arabi:

A voyaging Sufi holy person. He apportions a lot of otherworldly knowledge and assists appear with peopling the Straight Path. There’s no proof the genuine Ibn Arabi met the Kayi clan, however, he would are inside the region at certain focuses in his life, so we will permit some artistic freedom.


The Emir of Aleppo, and a relative of Salahuddin Ayyubi. His counselors incorporate his uncle Sahabettin (non-Turks would compose it “Shahabuddin”), and a questionable man called Nasir. El-Aziz is youthful and receptive, in this manner the Knights Templar has a field day with him.

Afsin Bey:

A mysterious employable of the Seljuk State. He does what’s important to safeguard and extend the office of the Seljuks. Furthermore, he’s not terrified of getting his hands messy either, during an exacting sense.

As you’ll advise, it’s a remarkable intriguing blend of characters and storylines. In the event that Wikipedia might be a trustable source, the “recorded” characters are Ertugrul, Suleyman Shah, Halime, Ibn Arabi, El-Aziz, and Sahabettin. The others are totally anecdotal or fill-in-the-spaces, for example, we as a whole know Suleyman Shah more likely than not had a spouse all together that they made up notoriety and character for her. Likewise, one fascinating actuality to see is that the genuine Suleyman Shah stood out as truly newsworthy two or three years prior when his grave must be saved.

What I Liked About Dirilis: Ertugrul

Generally speaking, I lean toward the show and would prescribe it to nearly anybody. it’s an activity, experience, show, and sentiment, so it requests a decent kind of crowds. The scenes and views are stunning, and along these lines the pieces of clothing they wear are delightful. Since it’s a top-level Turkish arrangement, the acting is sweet and in this manner the creation esteem is high.

I love the Islamic parts of the show. This incorporates the lessons given by Ibn Arabi, the ardent duas made by some of the characters, and hence the undeniable actuality that numerous characters are indicated doing everyday Islamic errands like wudu, salah, and dhikr of Allah. It’s invigorating to discover Islam discussed, however lived on-screen. this will have a fascinating and reviving impact for a couple of individuals’ Islam.

I likewise love the subjects of tirelessness through hardship and battle for equity that the arrangement advances. when you stay with your standards and trust in Allah, you’ll accomplish achievement. Everything that happens might be a test and has been announced by Allah in His endless knowledge. To battle against shamefulness isn’t practically close to home advantage, it’s a necessity and respect. These are amazing topics and it’s incredible seeing a TV program advancing them.

My general rating for the show’s first season is 3.5 stars out of 5. I’ll clarify why I deducted 1.5 stars underneath.

What I Didn’t Like

My greatest hamburger is with the imbecilic, trivial, and befuddling sentiment among Ertugrul and Halime. One second Ertugrul will be making dua for Allah’s direction, resulting second he’ll be distant from everyone else with a non-mahram lady, holding her hand and disclosing to her he cherishes her. How does that bode well? Trust me, I’m making an effort not to play haram police or guarantee that I’m unreasonably unadulterated for that stuff in one way or another. I simply don’t think those scenes space in with the general topic of the show. In addition, the conduct they portray would are shocking among thirteenth-century Muslims, to make reference to the littlest sum.

I additionally didn’t simply like the show between the fluctuated ladies of the clan. Selcan’s plots, Gokce’s sentiments, Halime attempting to suit in, Aykiz getting cheated, and so forth… I just sent through a large portion of these things, close by the sentiment scenes. So I used to be frequently prepared to complete a 40-minute scene in 25-30 minutes. I wish somebody would cause a to alter the show called Ertugrul: the incomparable Parts where they just expelled all the sentiment and dramatization. that may be a 4.5 star appear!

To get nit-fussy with the composition, there have been some plot-driven chance occurrences that didn’t bode well. One model is when El-Aziz was spared call at the forested areas; the whole development and execution of that situation was fairly imagined and now and then cringe. These scenes were a minority and didn’t influence the rest of the show an extreme measure of, yet they were unquestionably observable.

I deducted 0.5 stars for everything about above focuses. So my general rating for the essential season is 3.5 stars out of 5.

I saw the essential couple scenes of Season 2, and it’s shockingly better than Season 1. The new miscreants are the Mongols, and that they really recruited Mongolian-looking entertainers to play them, which is amazing. also, thusly the sentimental perspective is moderated by the very reality that Ertugrul and Halime are a couple now. In any case, because of business in my own life and business life, I won’t be prepared to watch Season 2 now. Ideally, I’ll get thereto after Ramadan, In Sha Allah.

The Role of Ertugrul inside the Media Landscape

A few Muslims state that every one TV is awful and will be maintained a strategic distance from. In principle, this may be valid. In any case, really , we’ve numerous Muslims watching improper shows like Game of Thrones, Westworld, the enormous Bang Theory, and so on. Not exclusively is far from the substance of those shows exceptionally wrong, they’re additionally becoming acclimated to push unpretentious messages and advance ideological plans that are contradictory to Islam.

Shows like Dirilis: Ertugrul can work a great option for youthful Muslims. In addition, it’s an obvious fact that the stage might be an integral asset to impact the majority and spread a perspective. Others are utilizing it to advertise indecencies, so to check that, we ought to in every case certainly advance Muslim-accommodating shows that empower great and flexibly positive good examples for Muslim youth.

Obviously, this TV program is at the highest point of the day a TV program, so it shouldn’t sub for finding out about genuine Islamic history and getting Islamic information. The job of this show ought to be as a substitute for another TV appears, not a substitute for history books or genuine information and instruction. All things considered, the very certainty that it is anything but a precise depiction of history isn’t a tremendous arrangement. A depiction that adhered to what we as a whole think about the significant Ertugrul couldn’t work a convincing TV program. This can. Furthermore, that is not really a terrible thing.

Other Turkish Shows you’ll Like

On the off chance that you wish Ertugrul, you would perhaps at the same time like Payitaht: Abdulhamid which is about the Ottoman Sultan Abdul-Hamīd II. I’ve seen a couple of scenes of it, yet haven’t had the possibility to watch it personally yet. you’ll investigate an English-captioned trailer for one among the scenes here. some of the scenes of this show are accessible on YouTube with English captions, however, I’m uncertain about the rest of I found an individual Facebook bunch that transfers English-captioned scenes.

Another show which grabbed my attention is Mehmetcik Kutul Amare, which is about the Ottoman Army in Iraq in WW1. An English-captioned trailer is frequently found here. I’m uncertain where to watch this arrangement and haven’t seen any of it myself. In any case, it’s made by a proportional people that made Ertugrul, and a couple of the entertainers cover additionally. I trust the scenes are made accessible with English captions soon.

Another Turkish arrangement that is accessible on Netflix is Yunus Emre. Yunus Emre existed in the genuine world as well – he turned into a Sufi spiritualist in Anatolia in the midst of the scenery of the Mongol attacks. I haven’t watched this show so I don’t think a lot about it past that. However, it appears to be more profound than political when contrasted with the over two, and less substantial on the activity. See the trailer here.

Anyway, that is totally supportive of now. Ideally, I’ll be prepared to compose a survey of Season 2 once I watch it, In Sha Allah. Until next time, salaam.

This review was written by  Yousuf, a Pakistani-American Muslim. Who is interested in religion, politics, history, science, technology, and other topics. You can also find him on Twitter and YouTube.

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